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Flexiteek Logo

Hi-Tech Deck is a Flexiteek authorized dealer, and ready to serve our customers.

Since starting in 2000, Flexiteek has become established as the original market-leading

manufacturer of synthetic teak decking.

Flexiteek 2G decking is available in over 30 colour combinations, including the bestselling

Teak option and a range of popular colours like Scrubbed, Bleached, Faded and Weathered,

all creating the distinct appearance of a well-loved teak deck.


In addition, there are contemporary colour options available like cool Grey, Carbon, off

White, Vintage, Charcoal and Walnut for a modern look to your boat deck.

Flexiteek is easy to maintain and 30% cooler than a typical teak deck. It’s also trusted by

over 200 of the world’s leading boat builders.


Flexiteek are working hard to reduce their impact on the environment by working closely with

the UK’s World Land Trust, planting trees in endangered habitats and supporting species

threatened by deforestation.

As a manufacturer of synthetic teak decks, Flexiteek understands its commitment to do as

much as it can to reduce carbon and its wider environmental footprint, this work includes

using recycled water in the manufacturing process and REACH compliant phthalate-free

plasticisers which help to make a Flexiteek deck 100% recyclable.

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Choose Your Color

Whether you fancy a classic teak look, or something more modern, we have 11 colours to choose from. Combined with Black, Grey or White caulking, this gives you an enviable range of combinations with which to customize

your deck. Click to see color details.

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