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Electrical Fishing Reel Devices

Hubbell has a DC rated electrical system designed specifically for larger electric fishing reel systems. Up until now, larger electric fishing reel systems typically utilized conventional 30 Amp AC rated devices since an appropriately rated DC system was not available. The system features a corrosion resistant plug, connector body and receptacle and can be used along with a Hubbell outlet box and weatherproof cover plate to complete the installation. These devices are all rated at 28 volts DC and are applicable for all 12, 24 and 32 volt DC fishing reel systems. The devices are UL listed and CSA certified. All devices are made of high-visibility yellow nylon that is impact resistant and UV stabilized for longer life. Also, the contacts are nickel plated for corrosion resistance. This product has a single receptacle with abuse-resistant face. Can be mounted in Bubbell box HBL6080 and used with HBL74CM25WOA weatherproof plate.

Hubbell HBL328DCR 30A 28V DC

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